Thank you!

I was resisting to write this final post with all my strength. Whining about it, refusing and mostly denying that it is time to let this incredible South American experience behind. Geographically. Experiences, stories and energies that found us on the road will stay. Traveling opens you up and puts your views into different perspective. It helps you to learn and understand. It makes you curious, sometimes shocks you. It challenges and rewards. It is the best form of exercise you can treat yourself to. And you don’t have to travel half of the world to be a traveler. The journey can start right on the corner of your street, if you only allow yourself to be introduced to it with fresh eyes and open mind. Realizing this, I couldn’t offer any more pointless excuses why not to write this blog and nicely wrap up the project that started back in December.

Ira and I are safely back in New York, half unpacked, half settled but richer, fulfilled, inspired and already with new exciting things on the horizon. Ready to feel, taste and explore whatever life brings our way.

We want to thank each and everyone of you once again for your help and support throughout our journey and specifically for opening your hearts and reaching out to someone in need. You were a big part of our inspiration and motivation. And hopefully an important mile stone on Mia’s journey as well. On Sunday, July 31, I will be flying to Slovenia to meet with Mia, this remarkable young girl that got under my skin so quickly, to hug her strongly and pass her the money that we have collected during these last few months. This is the final appeal for help and a wonderful opportunity to make your last donations.

Thank you for biking with us! What a joyful ride it was!

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