Adios, Bicicletas!

Our initial 3-months biking trip had to be cut off short. No matter how much we loved and enjoyed it, there are things that need to be prioritized. Major changes at Ira’s company demanded her presence and knowledge on the other side of the equator, so we shipped bikes to New York, said goodbye to the biking clothes, dressed her up as a business professional and put her on a plane to California. Good luck Ira with helping Intermedia grow tremendously!

Before the final goodbye we treated ourselves with an almost painfully long train ride right to the clouds. “Tren a las Nubes” is an engineering masterpiece. The train ride from Salta takes 15 hours, 434 kilometers and goes as high as 4,220 meters, all while crossing 29 bridges, 21 tunnels, 13 viaducts, 2 spirals and 2 zigzags. Amazing!

Another incredible adventure was Salinas Grande, a salt desert that covers over 8,000 km². We liked it so much that we got stuck there overnight and had to dig our car out of the muddy lake. But this deserves to be explained in a completely separate post. Or maybe a book.

And of course, how can I forget about my birthday. Filled with so much attention, surprises, adrenalin and love that I cannot wait to celebrate it again next year! One of the highlights of the day was a quadricycle ride or quadrupling how I affectionately named this cool jumping/driving over the rocks, water, cow’s poo and what not.

Our final destination as an unbeatable traveling duo was Santiago, Chile which greeted us with its winter fog and colorful buildings.

And that’s all from Ira and Barbi. As we all know, things happen. Plans change. But the adventure goes on. For the next 30 days there will be “Barbi2see”. I will keep on rolling on with a bit different and much faster way of transportation that will allow me to see many breathtakingly beautiful places of  South America. To see which ones, stay tuned to this blog. Suerte!

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