What is bike2see?

From mid April to mid July 2011 we will be riding bicycles through Argentina, discovering the country, discovering ourselves.

The name for our adventure “bike2see” was selected for two good reasons:

  1. We want to see the world. Getting places by plane, train, car or bus does not fully allow to digest the surrounding, absorb the atmosphere and limits designations to public places. Using opportunity of taking a longer vacation, we choose biking as a mean to see places. We will see it ourselves and we will share it with you through this blog.
  2. We want to help others to see the world too. And we mean it very literally. We are collecting donations for a 6-year old Mia Koritnik that can join us in seeing the world though your generosity and a medical intervention. What is granted for most of us can be a gift and a miracle for Mia. 

What excites us the most about this journey is that it is the first of this kind. I biked for a few hours in a row maximum. Barbi comparing to me is a cyclo-genius and my personal hero, but even she never took a few days trip. Especially, loaded with racks, bags and everything-you-need-to-have for numerous days. And we’ve never been to Argentina. And we are a little too used to a city comfort. In other words, it is a great “get out of your comfort zone” activity in a gorgeous place with a trusted company. You know, sometimes you need those adventures to refresh your thought patterns, routines and values. This is one of those and we are looking very much forward to embrace this experience. 

On this half-nervouse, half-optimistic note, I’m turning this to Barbi and her story of why she would ever want to do something like this…

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