Why bike2see?

The story of WHY

The idea of cycling a larger part of the country was always present in my mind. What could be more appealing than breathing in and out an unfamiliar land, tasting other cultures, all while you’re testing the boundaries of your physical endurance and mental resolve? Still, I knew I would never be able to pull myself out of my little comfortable nest and leave the everyday routine behind, until I find a “final drop” – another reason to kick start this project. And here it comes. For one, I am lucky to get a great companion for this trip with whom I would share excitement and fear of this grand adventure. And two, I thought this trip could be a good way to bring awareness of someone in need and help a 6-year old Slovene friend of mine, Mia Koritnik.

Mia lost her ability to see a year ago and only through a $50K operation will she ever see again. Her parents started a country-wide campaign of collecting plastic corks. Although many institutions and individuals are involved, it will take many years to collect the necessary amount. We were neigbours in Slovenia and I feel deeply for this family. A few years ago Mia’s mom saved my mother’s life in a car accident, and I’m doing the best I can to return the favor. My goal is simple, I will be spinning the wheels across Argentina for 3 months and keep you, my friends and the friends of my friends, excited and involved. And to keep you aware of someone in need. Any cent donated will be contributed to produce a miracle in Mia’s life. We do believe that miracles happen in the world–and this is one of them in the making!

And if you’d like to know Mia a little better: she is playful and warm. Caring and full of spirit. She has lots of friends and loves going to the kindergarten. Her dedication and love for music cannot be unnoticed and she has already decided that she will be a violin player when she grows up. Her favorite toys are Legos and Barbie dolls and her younger brother is on the list, too. I am going to Slovenia late February and will create a new post with the updates from over there. Only with your help bike2see can really be bike2SEE.

– Barbi

Photo © Milena Golob

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